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Leaders must be willing to confront "The Dark Side" ...

Updated May 10, 2017

California’s population grew by 348,000 people in 2015. It grew by another 300,000 in 2016. Reports of spiraling rents and a lack of affordable housing are regular news makers. It even contributes to the area’s homeless problem.

Yet, when home builders in California try to meet the housing needs of this growing population, they are met with restrictive zoning codes, a tortuous planning process, high government fees and a host of other expensive government regulations. Then add in the NIMBY's (Not In My Back Yard) and pseudo-environmentalists that always make the same claim, they're not opposed to meeting the housing needs of our growing population, they're just opposed to this project.

While our labor and material costs are slightly higher than the national average, these oppressive policies and opposition from no-growth advocates are the main reason California’s median home price is nearly two and a half times higher than the national average.

The negative impact of these onerous policies extends far beyond the housing market. As low and middle income families are forced to spend higher and higher proportions of their income on housing, they have less to spend supporting local businesses and the people employed by those businesses.

We need political leaders at both the state and local level that are willing to confront the government nightmare facing builders and the no-growth advocates that are wreaking economic havoc on low and middle income families throughout our state.

We need leaders that are willing to stand up for property rights and not succumb to the populists that advocate for putting housing and other projects to a vote of the people. This shameful practice of making property rights subject to a popular vote is disgraceful. We don't do that with our rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion or freedom of the press. Why should we allow our property rights be decided this way?


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